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See what QuicksortRx can do for your health system in 3 easy steps.

  1. Send us your NDA.   We can use your health system's boilerplate NDA to fly through legal review.

  2. Grab your data.  Our team will guide you through reporting to pull historical purchases and catalogs in minutes.

  3. See your results. We'll get together to discuss what stands out, and you'll receive an executive summary that includes opportunities you can take advantage of immediately.

We know there are a lot of  gimmicks out there - that's why we use real data and real examples to understand what's possible at your health system.

With this analysis, we can guarantee outcomes or be the first to tell you if there's no value. If you decide to move forward, you'll get a business case and ROI guarantee on the spot.  

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What’s the catch?

Most health systems have a lot of questions about this analysis. Here are some of the most frequent:

Do you sell our hospital’s data?

We take hospital data seriously - we execute an NDA to protect all of your hospital’s information, and QuicksortRx does not sell or share hospital data to any third parties.

What happens if there isn’t much savings opportunity?

Our goal is to get to the truth. Pharmacy departments with little additional opportunity can look forward to a clear report with a clean bill of health to share to finance and leadership.

What if there is a LOT of savings opportunity?

Then we’ll have lots to share and validate! Whether you have a seasoned team or you are just getting started, we bring our experience to take your system to the next level.

We’re already doing a lot of work in this space - what would be the use?

Between benchmarking, operational improvement, and ever-changing prices, we ALWAYS find something valuable for hospitals to take home and implement. Let us bet our time and effort on it.

How much time will this analysis take from my team?

Other than our initial meeting and a question or two along the way, we can perform these analyses independently.

What do you need from us to provide the savings analysis?

We’ll need 12 months of invoices and representative catalogs for pricing to get a good picture of purchase history and opportunity.

Who do you recommend attending the analysis review?

Because pharmacy supply chains are nuanced, we typically present to pharmacy leadership, supply chain managers/directors, and 340b managers get the most out of these analysis meetings.

We are looking at close to $10 million in savings—that’s amazing. If I were to try to do that every day with our old tools, it would be impossible.
Brian, $60m Annual Inpatient Med Spend

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