Free Checklist

Drug Cost Management for Hospital Pharmacy


The pharmacy procurement game is changing.

How effective is your pharmacy team at managing costs? Medication purchase management can be time-consuming, and despite best efforts, even the most dedicated teams often miss significant opportunities for savings.

Even if you’re performing well, many organizations are surprised to see how much missed savings potential and opportunity cost result from common oversights and outdated methods for analysis.

Review this checklist to learn how your hospital’s medication purchasing processes are—and aren’t—keeping pace with industry best practices for cost management.

In the checklist, you’ll find: 

  • Ways popular tools and approaches may miss savings opportunities
  • Tips for prioritizing areas for your team to drill down on drug costs
  • Pharmacy workflows that do—and don’t—withstand employee turnover
  • Reporting practices that can keep CFOs and other organizational financial leaders satisfied without sacrificing hours of your team’s time
No one else has the level of insight into purchasing drugs that QuicksortRx has.
It’s clear that QuicksortRx really understands what it’s like to actually sit down and purchase medications. The software is so far ahead with how easy it is to use.
We are looking at close to $10 million in savings—that’s amazing. If I were to try to do that every day with our old tools, it would be impossible.
I am able to focus on so many other problems because I know that our purchasing optimization is handled.
— Pharmacy Supply Chain Manager
— M.M., Large Academic Medical Center
— Brian, $60m Annual Inpatient Med Spend
— Maury, 1200 Bed Academic Medical Center Hospital